Wednesday, August 7, 2013


At first it was "no", "too big a scale". BUT I was drawn to this getting a 22" doll because of the Tonner dress "Charming Lady" which was for me a beautiful Victorian bustle dress. Thus, 1 month was allocated for buying the dress, the next month a 22" doll. The hair has been re-styled and all factory paint removed. The 22" inch repaint is a little easier than a 16" repaint because you could fill in the details without straining too much on the eye. I think there was more control on the painting. I do not consider myself a "repaint artist" what with all the magnificent repaint artists out there (seasoned with time, blooming with skill and expertise), but I do enjoy what I do and I just like to make nice faces. It's fun.
Hope you see the fun in how the doll came out.
Features color and lip color were derived from this photo of Christy Turlington (
Although used with subtle intentions, the eyes and eyebrows reference were
Christy Turlington's (
Hair inspiration (image from liveauctioneers, item/6320807)

They said I should come out with a name. I thought of Marguerite