Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Fresh from her honeymoon

Outfit: Tonner's "Dressed up like Racehorses"
Doll: Return to Tara
*Additional hair was placed via photoshop

Monday, April 22, 2013

Resurrected and a Tonner Scarlett 2013 Portrait

Finally, the blog is back. Yes, after quite some time figuring how to resurrect a spam-plagued blog, hoping that whatever was causing the spam would not go to its humble number of readers -- the blog is back. This time with an appropriate name to it: Scarlett Reverie.
Soultalk777 has now evolved into what may or may not dominate its blog pages.  Of course there will come some time in the future when the blog may not perpetuate as what occurs to all things in this life. But again, my most fervent wish is that it brings a little smile to your day as it does mine. "A Scarlett Reverie" can also be found in facebook (for everyday thoughts on things -- mostly dolls, doll fashion, doll photography and all things Vivien and beyond). So if you care to follow, here is the link to it:

Above: Red Dress Tonner Scarlett 2013
Doll: Travelling with Mother to Savannah doll