Friday, March 29, 2013

Scarlett Portraits: Beautiful Opera backdrop

I found some wonderful backdrops from and thought of using them for doll backdrops. I had them printed in tarpaulin material (but next time I'll have them do it on canvas instead so the texture is easier to manage. The artist, Eve of the says the original backdrop came from an opera house in Paris (the Curtain Palais Garnier  in Paris). At any rate, here are some portraits I hope you will like. The doll is a Tonner Drapery doll that has been re-repainted. The dress is Tonner's My Tara. 

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Fixing Eyes: Saturday Portrait

Saturdays are happiest when there is no work. Repainting can be your source of joy because you own the time. It's yours, with no commands coming from the outside world. All that is pushed for, that is required and that is needed comes from one place (one's head...and maybe one's heart as well).
When one comes across a new learning in repainting, one always feels the need to practice it immediately. The new tip is to brush the paint with a dab or a dot or a line but this time with more precision as guided by a portrait/picture. Of course it's been done that way, but imagine trying to become the size of the doll and putting those lines. It is a strong determination to be always "in scale". You should see the Hot Toys action figures. That's a lot of attention to detail -- sculpt and painting.
There was a time when I felt that Tonner had the Vivien Leigh sculpt all wrong. But maybe I didn't look close enough to see that it was there all the time. That the sculpt could be correct, and all it needs is some correct outline. Perhaps. But that is how I see it. 
It took a while to get to this place. Years. Money (oh God, the money for each doll that had to undergo the torture of learning).
You can't really learn all that there is about repainting out there. You need a discerning eye and a good ear to pick up the tips. And you need to practice it like cooking, like throwing balls on a basket. There are a lot of misses. There are still. 
Honestly, I can't say it's all that good, But I am glad at least I tried. I think the main point in life is always to try -- that's what you get from listening to Oprah haha -- seriously.

Here's an old Scarlett that underwent some eyes, eyebrow and lip makeover. 

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Tonner Scarlett 2013

I fixed the hair on this one with photoshop so it looks closer to the one in them movie.