Saturday, February 16, 2013

"I do declare!"

Maybe she's in a better mood. This photo came out just the way I wanted. 

Tonner "Scarlett" 2013: "What went right"

The face.I couldn't stop myself from adding some more touches to this photo. Original photo from

Strangely, my excitement for a Scarlett 'O Hara dress has again been ignited by Tonner's 2013 "Scarlett.  It is "strange" because there is nothing really spectacular about this Plunkett creation.  And yet, I couldn't help but say "wow" after seeing the PR photos. Allow me to elaborate more  (and these are my personal opinions on it):

1. The style of the dress is close to real.  It certainly isn't a Hollywood costume for a period drama and I like realism more than flamboyant and unrealistic Hollywood costumes.
2. Is has a subtle elegance. We know Scarlett would not to go for anything subtle though.  I the scene she still stands out. A strong red agasint teh dull and drab of Tara after the war.
3. It is one of those GWTW dresses that (INMHO), complements the actress very well.  Her hair is polished and coils at the back of her head -- a most Victorian virtue. It frames her white skin very well too.
4. It is an outfit that is open to other possibilities. Because it is briefly shown and lacks the signature look that will strongly associate it with GWTW, it is often not well remembered. But that doesn't take away how beautful it is.  Add a red hat and a black parasol and you have a nice Victorian walking dress. And if that dress comes in two pieces, imagine having an OOAK bustle skirt done to match it.

Photos of new releases for Scarlett always get a mixed reaction. Luckily, there were some GWTW enthusiasts and doll collectors who enjoy the Victorian period dresses to have some feedback that I think makes this doll worth looking into.

So far they've said to have the best facial screening of a Tonne Scarlett. And looking at the many faces of Tonner Scarletts one cannot help but agree. It is by far the best!

The softness of Mrs. Hamilton in mourning was a good start. The "Fire in Atlanta" arched brow gave Scarlett that defiant character.

So far these two have been deemed the best when it comes to facial screening. 
What went right? No heavy undereye liner 
(THIS, is what made a big difference), plus a
fuller upper lip and a arched brow that is less pronounced than usual.
From eBay, (eBay Seller rebarco)
Image source:

When you look at where Scarlett has been with Tonner to where it is now, you can see a dramatic difference in screen painting and hairstyle color. While others prefer jet-black, I like it on a dark shade of brown. The lighter hair always lifts the face, darker hair creates a stark contrast.
The Tonner Scarlett is said to have  nice hair ornament behind. This is unfortunately not shown in the picture. Do I still wish for anything else for Tonner Scarlett? Hmmmmm...since its on its way to getting much better, how about smaller "iris" for the doll's eyes.
I had a little fun doing it in photoshop (just for the "power of play" of it).  Notice how different she looks with a smaller "iris" -- well that's my preference.

Anyways, congratulations Tonner. I'm looking forward to seeing your "Scarlett"!

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