Tuesday, August 7, 2012

A Ukraine Woman's Instinct and Creativity: Recreating a MET Theatre de la Mode Lanvin Dress

 What you are about to see is not the full dress yet but merely the hat. I have  The talent. Rodiola or Tamara from Ukraine. A self-learned doll seamstress with a great eye for material, color and craft. We corresponded and agreed to re-create a Met Museum online photo of a Lanvin Dress {"Marie-Blanche di Pietro, French, 1897-1888). Doll (for gratitude train) 1949, for Lanvin (French, founded 1889; Metal, plaster, silk, feathers. The Brooklyn Museum Costume Collection at the Metropolitan Museum of Art).  I was amazed at Rodiola's choice of material -- black gown here is not the one yet, and her craft which extends from the making of dresses, jewelry and hats down to shoes. She's a one woman doll shop in the making. Watch out for Rodiola aka as Tamara. She's going to rock the doll world soon!

Source: http://www.studio-international.co.uk/


  1. Thanks Aunt Lou. I'm making some adjustments and will show you some photos of it. = )

  2. Hello from Spain: I love the hat. The feathers are very original. Great photos. Keep in touch.