Monday, May 21, 2012

Tonner Heartbroken

Many times I have to stop believing in myself when I say: "I'll pass this one off". Which is my first decision about Tonner's Heartbroken. Jamie Wyatt, a collector of GWTW Scarletts prompted me to take a second look. So, as you can see, here I am with "just" the outfit of Tonner's first 2012 release. The doll is Mrs. Charles Hamilton whose curls I've finally decided to recurl with small straws, re-arranging them, hairsprayed, and clipped, cut a bit. No not even the wind cold blow that away. 

It is the probably the most heart-breaking scene in the film: to bear witness to the death of ones child. In the story it also shows the level of emotional intelligence the Butlers had in their marriage. Something I wish could have been resolved in a sequel. 
The Blue Peignoir robe like some of the minor costumes has only a few minutes of exposure in the film. We don't even see the fullness of that gown. 

The description according to (image source from this website), and it is called 
The Blue Peignoir with Fox Trim

The replica of the blue velvet wrapper worn by Scarlett O'Hara was made of thirty yards of blue French silk velvet. The fox fur trim was made by Antonovich, International Ltd. of New York City. The wrapper took 140 hours to complete, from October 28 to November 29, 1986.
Director: Sister Mary Elizabeth Joyce, Incarnate Word College, San Antonio, Texas
Designers: Carrie Harrell and Jan Hevenor
David O. Selznick Archive

What I like: First the blue robe is soft and drapes excellently i.e., in scale. The velvet reflects light very well too. Sadly my lights are not appropriate to reflect all, nor is my camera sufficient with tools to capture how well light falls on that robe. 

You may be thinking what I'm thinking: Why didn't Tonner discover this fabric for the Blue Velvet Portrait Scarlett -- it would have been marvelous to behold if they just used this. 

The outfit comes with jewelry and one could only deduce that Scarlett must be a real vain person. She was supposedly recuperating from a miscarriage in this scene. 

The fur is of the wrong color. Personally, I think it needed a trim too -- to reveal the structure of the gown better. 
The gown under is wonderful too. Wishing though that it would have been really as full and glorious as its velvet wrap. But over-all, its something worth having for your Scarlett collection. I had no regrets with this piece. Congratulations Tonner! 


  1. Beautiful beautiful beautiful; the doll you used with the hairstyle works perfectly. You did a very nice job on this one!

  2. (echo) -beautiful- Your work continues to amaze me, Raphael. :)

  3. Hello Dave!
    And WOW thank you very much for the compliment. Those little straws come in handy. It is always scary when one attempts to make changes. But I'm glad you liked her. She looks much better in Tonner's new blue gown. Thanks again Dave! Be well always.

    Aunt Lou!
    Thank you very much! Your comments are always part of the fuel that pushes me to do more. Thanks Aunt Lou! Have a beautiful week ahead. = )

  4. Absolutely gorgeous! As always your photos capture her perfectly.
    I love the hair , it’s amazing!


  5. Beautiful, beautiful. She is amazing!!!

  6. Hello from Spain: congratulations. A majestic work. I like the blue dress in the film with the recovery sequence of abortion. Keep in touch.

  7. Thank you Jamie, Monika and Marta.
    Jamie: it took some time to get that hair, exercises in patience. Your comments make it all worthwhile.

    Monika, happy to hear from you and thank you very much for your compliments.

    Marta: Ola! Muchos gracias Maria. You are always generous with your words and time. I didn't think I'd like the outfit too, but when I saw it in person I was charmed as everyone was. Thank you!

  8. See, you make me even rethink Heartbroken !! I was not overly pleased with her fur and wish it were more black, but I see that it certainly can look wonderful. Of course your repaints and styling, especially the hair *wow*, make it all look better. Although the factory updo is pretty actually and what I liked best about the doll, plus the gown is a pretty color for Vivien. But I wanted the fur to look more real... ;)