Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Commissioned Repaint: Franklin Mint Scarlett -- Goodbye Franklin Mint!

Commissioned Vinyl Franklin Mint Scarlett O' Hara  for Beth Wilder of Louisville, KY

Whenever I repaint a Franklin Mint Scarlett O' Hara doll, and end up staring at how the sculpt has been made, I feel a certain feeling of regret. When news of Franklin Mint decision to discontinue the production of their dolls came out, it was not news that came with a lot of good reason -- especially with doll collectors. It cannot be denied, the attention to detail Franklin Mint dolls have are known to superb. The quality of the vinyl is almost like porcelain. You know Mattel's Silkstone -- well the FM vinyl seems close to that.  
The Franklin Mint Scarlett O' Hara vinyl doll is one perfect example. The sculpt IS Vivien Leigh. When repainting this doll there is not much need to blush, shade, contour to achieve a Vivien Leigh-ish shape of face. 
I think it is a sad thing that Franklin Mint gave up on a good thing. 
There has been no news of them continuing one of their good points. 
There is also no good news to justify the discontinuation of the doll line. 
So till they come back -- and we're all still feeling they will -- hang on to your Franklin Mint Scarletts.

Perhaps if we write them more, we'll find some way to ge the dolls back. 
After all, tomorrow is another day!

(Below the un-photoshopped pictures of the doll. If Franklin Mint does come back, I hope they consider "softer" hair)


  1. Beautiful work, Raphael. This is no surprise! :)

  2. Thank you Aunt Lou,
    When one has eyesight that has paid the price of repainting, your comments make it all seem worth the sacrifice. Thank you!

  3. Raphael, How do you get the hairline to look so realistic???

  4. Hello from Spain: Franklin Mint I hope to return soon. The dolls are beautiful. Keep in touch.

  5. Oh, no, Raphael! Has it really affected your eyesight badly? :( (I'm getting irritated with trying to read those little captcha thingies, so if I don't comment as much, it's not because of your posts. )

  6. Hi Jael!
    Thank you for dropping by. The hairline of the Franklin Mint Scarlett is quite prominent especially at the temples (sides of the head). To make it more realistic I checked on a photo of Scarlett and painted along the hairline. These are paint strokes done one by one and very time-consuming too. I had to listen/watch "Modern Family" while doing it. That took almost the entire night. But I guess it paid off (I hope so). Thanks for passing by and I hope that answers your question. Have a nice week!!

    Dear Marta, I do hope Franklin Mint will come back soon. Who knows they might just come out with a better rooted hair Scarlett and one with articulation too. = ) Thanks Marta!! Have a nice week!

    Aunt Lou!!!
    Yes somehow it has. So I try to take it slowly. The eyeglass grade has gone up and the eye twitching muscle has been here for two weeks. Well I hope that good sleep can take care of it. Thank you very much for your concern. And yes! There must be an easier way to post comments in blogspot. Thanks again Aunt Lou!!! Hugs!!

  7. Cool!!!! It does answer my question. Thank you!!