Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Scarlett Holiday

Its a holiday here where I am. Celebrating this little joy with a Scarlett portrait against scarlet-ish background. It's a busy, busy December with lots of work coming up, one repaint commission to do and early shopping for Christmas. Also thinking of Tonner's Christmas 1863. If not the doll, the dress will do. But I already have the FM version of it. Also wanting a Professor McGonagall.


  1. I can always count on you for beauty, Raphael! :)

  2. Wonderful portrait. And ah--the season for wish lists!

  3. Hello Aunto Lou,
    And I can always count on you to inspire me to make more of these portraits. = ) Thank you AuntLou. Hope you're having a pre-Christmas time!

    Hello Alison!
    Thank you so much. I know the season for wish lists. That gives me an idea for a post. What are yours? = )

    Thank you for taking time to post a comment. = )