Sunday, November 13, 2011

Gone with the Wind Paper Dolls of Maria Varga

This one I have. An interesting reference for Vivien Leigh films from the first  to her last. 
Searching the internet for new views on Scarlett gave me a surprise. I found an interesting paper doll collection and among which were things I didn't even know existed -- The Search for Scarlett Paper Dolls -- which happen to have a collection of costumes worn by Scarlett aspirants, namely Anita Louise and Paulette Goddard. I never imagined someone would be able to find the costumes worn by these women during tests. The collection is owned by Maria Varga (Link: Here are a few of those GWTW dresses plus some Vivien Leigh paper dolls with dresses from her other films. They are very good references for those into sewing GWTW or Vivien Leigh costumes.

The book cover and a sample page of interesting detailed look at Vivien Leigh's Costumes from Waterloo Bridge.

And here are the interesting illustrations of the Scarlett aspirant's costumes. The green dress featured here (supposedly in the book for Paulette Goddard )must have been the same Library dress worn by Vivien -- which she descried as still "warm" from its previous test. 


  1. I really do like the Scarlett test doll of Paulette!! I really want to create a "Final Four" doll set depicting Vivien Leigh, Paulette Goddard, Joan Bennett, and Jean Arthur as they appeared in their screen tests for Scarlett as the final contenders.. I never tire of watching those, they're fascinating to me :)

    But I believe some of the dresses were given incorrect colors. I know for certain that the green party dress drawn in the paulette set depicting the scene in which mammy is preparing Scarlett for the bbq is the incorrect color bc Vivien wore the same dress in a color test after already being awarded the role and it was a deep blue and the lace on the collar and the shawl were intricately detailed.. stunning really, ashame it didn't end up even on an extra in the final film.

    It seems to me also that the "poor/war years" dress in both sets are of the wrong color. For those I am not certain.. but they definitely don't seem to have the proper color scheme.

    I think the red dress is very interesting.. not sure if that's the proper color and/details but it should've looked something like that lol.. its always aggravated me that even though this dress was worn in a color test by miss goddard, it is all shot on a close up lense and you only the black lace trim of the dress and nothing else.. I guess I'm weird :p

    All in all these are quite cool and give a new insight on the "Scarlett could've beens" thanks for posting :)

  2. Hi Alex,
    No you are not weird...what you have is what I call "passion". I believe you have a great eye for detail and a strong potential for this. I agree with you on the BBQ dress that didn't make even a cameo in the film -- (although, if you search google well, you might find a clip where that test dress made it into the film but way back in the background. Agree too on that red dress but right there, we don't see a full shot of it in the test of Paulette. I think towards the end Selznick with all his obsession with detail made new dresses based on the research that Plunkett had on Civil War dresses. So all the dresses in the test are hardly seen. = )