Thursday, September 29, 2011

Tonner Scarlett: Vivien Leigh repaint wears an Alana Bennett creation

This is an old repaint --- that once again --- is repainted. The hair has been fixed with rubber bands holding the front curvature and sweep of hair.

The gown is inspired by Edith Head's blue gown worn by Grace Kelly. I thought that this would be a perfect gown for a repainted Vivien Leigh. There are 3 sweeps of white cloth going down the gown: One that sweeps down the chest moving towards her right, the second found on the left side of the skirt (hidden in the photograph), and one that moves from the doll's left shoulder moving towards the back. The cloth is very soft chiffon blows easily with the wind. Then there's a write wrap that one can throw over the shoulder to give an elegant drape. The gown is created by Alana Bennett ( Below you will see the original creation she did for a Franklin Mint Grace Kelly doll -- sumptuous isn't it? Why not have one for Vivien?

Monday, September 26, 2011

Tonner Melanie Wilkes -- retouched

Just a photo of the first Melanie Wilkes -- which has been retouched. She has dark hair which has been stuffed at the sides. Luckily this one had a low bun -- lowered with some help of pushing while wet. I repainted her seeing the little things that need to be fixed. You sometimes realize that along the way: "oops, the lips are too thin, no wonder old photos make her look really drabby", "those eyes need to be darkened to give them more life", "cheeks need more blush", etc. etc.  I sometimes wonder if people find all this hilarious. I also read that I shouldn't really care what others think -- otherwise be owned by them. It often happens though, especially when I post photos in a world dominated by high fashion model dolls. And mind you they are all beautiful -- Vogue material indeed (Vogue Italia even). There is the impression that people say:"Oh there he goes again with his GWTW dolls". I even read one post that said, "I actually don't care to have any Scarlett 'O Hara dolls. But somehow I've learned to move on. One comment made sense: "we are here to share what we like, and it is interesting to see the differences and preferences -- that is what makes this doll world colorful. So go ahead with your dolls.".  That was a reality check for me too and one that set me free about putting too much weight into impressions.

At any rate, here's Melanie -- re-touched. The first photo is an "as is", while the second one has the backdrop photoshopped. Different angles though.

Sisters--in-law: Commissioned Repaints for September

These two are off to their owner. Scarlett and Melanie back to back. No photoshop here. They are as you see them. It took almost a month to finish these two. I had to do them in between workdays (at night), listening to Bach (haha). Nothing relaxes you more than Bach I would say. Goodbye to these two. Sometimes when I repaint things commissioned I have that feeling of wishing they were mine instead. Gluttony I know. Like one friend said, yes, it feels like you're saying goodbye to something dear to you. I don't know why its that. All I know now is that they're going to a place where they be well cared for. Call me weird. I am. Now off to fix some old repaints specifically an old repaint of  Vivien Leigh and also decide which to send for a hair change.  The week has just begun and I am thinking of nothing but work, work, work. However, there is always something to look forward at the end of the day: coffee with a friend, repainting, planning a new repaint, reading a book. I have lots by my bedside. Planning to read as much of the good ones before age sets in. I remember my grandfather reading and re-reading and re-reading old cowboy books. I must have gotten it from him.  I digressed, sorry.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Repaint: Melanie Hamilton

This is a portrait of the Tonner Melanie Repaint done lately. The hair has been photoshopped to fit the hairstyle of Melanie.
After failing with the last Melanie I had (which eventually ended up as the Raphaelite doll), I have embraced that perhaps hairstyling a doll is left to the experts (that said with a smile). So what has been added: the rolls on the sides have been added as well as the bun.
I took more photographs of her and will add them soon. It's been a long hectic but pleasant week nevertheless. We are happy with whatever life has for as long as there is opportunities to do what we wish, and choose what makes us fruitfully happy.  On that note, a happy weekend everyone!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Taking a Scarlett break: Portraits in Pink -- a first repaint on a 12" doll

I am about to do another repaint and since it isn't Scarlett. Moving from one face to another, at least I'll have a fresh look at the Melanie I'm tasked to do. To take out Scarlett off my mind I decide to take a break and do a fast repaint on a Barbie doll.
This is my first repaint on a 12" doll...and it wasn't an easy one but one does get finished in half the time. I posted her before -- and re-repainted her again now. Here she is in "portraits in pink". Just a few snapshots though. I like this gown by Robert Best. He does make the most polished and classic gowns for dolls. This gown is embellished with cool Swarovski crystals -- of crystal white and pink. The shade of pink is almost like a blush.

Commissioned Repaint: Waiting for Pa -- Additional photos