Monday, July 25, 2011

Tonner Scarlett 'O Hara: Playing with Portraits

Work does not take one away from doing what I enjoy most and that's photographing dolls and making portraits out of those photos. It keeps me home, and is a big respite from the stressful work. Clients come with their comments at the end of the week and request that work be seen the next Monday. That means work eating up on a weekend. Last night slept at 4 a.m. just finishing a very difficult deck. But of course, Scarlett beckoned. Here's another portrait following a Francis Xavier Winterhalter mood and an old portrait of Scarlett which I fixed a little bit. The blue portrait gown of Franklin Mint is still the best I've seen ever.
I really liked how the snood revealed the neck of the doll here. It is also very Victorian to keep ones hair in place. The jewelry is also shown better with the snood. This Scarlett has been fixed in repaint -- twice. That's what you get when you learn new things along the way and I hope she looks better than the first time she's been painted. The thing about working with something too close is you don't get to see how it can be improved. I've learned one thing: always get back to it and you see new things to add or new things to fix. Patience really pays.

I posted this a long time ago and enjoyed doing it. Velvet on velvet. Blue or red, and a doll who's willing to pose and pose. I fixed this a bit: sharpened the image and fixed the skin tone. Now she's immortalized better (I think) here.


  1. Hmm, perhaps you have managed to do that difficult thing: improve on perfection. :) Yes, I think so, maybe, as my little guy said, very decidedly one day.

  2. AuntLou!
    We should really write each other one of these days. And you are immensely sweet. Hope to meet you one of these days. I really, genuinely appreciate your time in making comments here. Hugs to you and really hope to get to correspond with you. Most sincerely, BV.

  3. LOVE LOVE LOVE this velvet dress - you did an amazing job!
    miss nancy

  4. Hi Miss Nancy!
    I think its the most perfect material chosen for that gown. Franklin Mint did superb doing this. Unfortunately, they really do limited quantities and this is somehow hard to find. They should really recognize a money-maker when they see one. = ) Thanks for leaving a comment Miss Nancy. Have a nice day out there! = )