Thursday, June 30, 2011

What a good sculpt can do: Franklin Mint Scarlett 'O Hara Repaint

If not for the coarse hair and the wig that shows the temples far too high, the Franklin Mint Scarlett would have been 100% perfect. Never mind that she has no articulation -- who needs articulation with a sculpt like that? Undeniably the FM Scarlett sculpt captures the fine features and the porcelain-like beauty of Vivien Leigh. The nose for instance is perfect, the cheekbones appropriate and the slender shape of the jaw  - very feminine.

Here I have lowered the rise of the hairstyle via photoshop to show how much improved the doll looks like with a wig that closes on the sides. The vinyl of Franklin Mint is almost matte and has the whiteness (that mirrors Mammy's buttermilk on Magnolia-white skin).


  1. Oh, my! I see what you mean! I think you could make a photo that would be hard to distinguish from Miss Leigh, herself, starting with this sculpt!

  2. I'd give anything to have my doll look like her Boots!

  3. Go for it Nikki! = ) Hi Aunt Lou! Well, you can tell by the wig and the eyebrows. It's so hard to paint the lashes. I really have a difficult time with the eyes. When that's finished the entire thing just falls into place -- hopefully. And then I begin to notice what went wrong. This sculpt lends itself to a Vivien -- the lashes were mighty hard to do. Awgh headache. = )