Thursday, June 30, 2011

What a good sculpt can do: Franklin Mint Scarlett 'O Hara Repaint

If not for the coarse hair and the wig that shows the temples far too high, the Franklin Mint Scarlett would have been 100% perfect. Never mind that she has no articulation -- who needs articulation with a sculpt like that? Undeniably the FM Scarlett sculpt captures the fine features and the porcelain-like beauty of Vivien Leigh. The nose for instance is perfect, the cheekbones appropriate and the slender shape of the jaw  - very feminine.

Here I have lowered the rise of the hairstyle via photoshop to show how much improved the doll looks like with a wig that closes on the sides. The vinyl of Franklin Mint is almost matte and has the whiteness (that mirrors Mammy's buttermilk on Magnolia-white skin).