Thursday, May 26, 2011

Tonner Carol Barrie: Streep-ing it up!

The post that first showed a comparison of the sculpt to Meryl Streep
I just thought of posting these few shots done of the Carol Barrie repaint wearing the blonde wig instead of the "Sensible Notion" wig. Luckily too, the comparison was confirmed by Noel Cruz's version of Meryl using this sculpt in his -- drop-jaw, amazing "Devil Wears Prada". The thing with Noel Cruz is he can put a face on a sculpt no matter what the sculpt is. What more if the sculpt was great? His Miranda Priestly prompted me to pursue repainting a Meryl version using the same sculpt. I was initially drawn to it because of Pride and Prejudice (outfit only) and since it required a doll to wear the outfit, why not one with a blonde wig? I wanted the Ehle look but the sculpt didn't help much in that attempt. Meryl being one of my favorite persons in the world, and actress too, made me think: oh heck! why not just do Meryl?
So here's my little attempt. Not as good as a professional, but it keeps me having Meryl by my shelf always. = ) 

Of course, I couldn't help myself to give her a faux cover in TIME magazine -- which is not really a far fetched idea.

That's all.


  1. Thank you Aunt Lou for taking time again and being the most active follower of my little blog! = ) Have a nice day there my doll-loving friend!