Monday, May 16, 2011

One Doll, Two Looks: Tonner Carol Barrie

Tonner's Carol Barrie doll allows the owner imaginative play with a simple change of crowning glory: a change of wig. This proves one thing, a change of hairstyle effects a change of mood and tone for the doll. This is something that perhaps the frugal doll buyer can enjoy. Imagine the shelf space saved -- not to mention the money. I chose a basic Carol Barrie blonde haired doll to switch hairstyle to become an Austen heroine. It's an interesting possibility that doll manufacturers should look into.

I first started with the Austen heroine, then shifted brows, eye color. If Carol Barrie is supposedly the actress she is designed to be by Tonner, this wig thing might just work. One more suggestion for doll manufacturers: "mix and match" -- loads of it! Mattel's Barbie is such a worldwide sensation because of this affordable possibilities. It should be the standard for others -- especially if they promise: The Power of Play.

Will I recommend the Carol Barrie doll to others? Yes!
The wig holds with two velcros attached the head.
The wigs are fabulous and the mold of the doll's face is a classic.
They come as a basic doll and wig (Tonner also sells wigs outside of this line from long blondes, redheads, and cropped blondes and brunettes). It's a good buy -- by one, have two!


  1. I love your photos, but for me, I just do not care for the wigged dolls. The Franklin Mint does a passable job with their glued-on wigs, but they still detract from the lifelike quality of a doll. Wigs just can't compare to a rooted-hair doll with a good hairstyle. i understand the economy of one doll and various wigs, but that's just not my preference.

  2. Thank you Dave. I do see your point. This is actually my first wigged doll I was not keen on having a wigged doll actually and do agree on the Franklin Mint wig point. Wigs are good if they cover the temples of the head, framing the head well. When pulled back as the FM Scarlett hairstyles, they fail, the framing of the head shows too much of the temple -- losing the lifelike quality of how the hair naturally falls. This is also evident in the Carol Barrie dolls where the hairstyles are pulled away from the head. A reason why I chose the ones that fall on the sides of the face. The wig here, because it is velcro-ed well, can be styled as easy as if it were rooted. Hold it from the ends of the hair and it can carry the doll -- almost like it were rooted. Nothing beats rooted hair but I must say that Tonner did a good job with the wigged doll here. Thank you very much for passing by Dave. Been missing your comments and your good opinion always, always. = )

    PS. I've been meaning to get a good Gene doll too. But everytime I read your blog I get confused as to which one is best to get = ) The hairstyles and the ensembles done by Ashton Drake are impeccable!