Thursday, May 26, 2011

Tonner Carol Barrie: Streep-ing it up!

The post that first showed a comparison of the sculpt to Meryl Streep
I just thought of posting these few shots done of the Carol Barrie repaint wearing the blonde wig instead of the "Sensible Notion" wig. Luckily too, the comparison was confirmed by Noel Cruz's version of Meryl using this sculpt in his -- drop-jaw, amazing "Devil Wears Prada". The thing with Noel Cruz is he can put a face on a sculpt no matter what the sculpt is. What more if the sculpt was great? His Miranda Priestly prompted me to pursue repainting a Meryl version using the same sculpt. I was initially drawn to it because of Pride and Prejudice (outfit only) and since it required a doll to wear the outfit, why not one with a blonde wig? I wanted the Ehle look but the sculpt didn't help much in that attempt. Meryl being one of my favorite persons in the world, and actress too, made me think: oh heck! why not just do Meryl?
So here's my little attempt. Not as good as a professional, but it keeps me having Meryl by my shelf always. = ) 

Of course, I couldn't help myself to give her a faux cover in TIME magazine -- which is not really a far fetched idea.

That's all.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

SouthernBelle faux magazine featuring Tonner Dressed up like Racehorses

Here I go again. Playing around.  The blog has been called "hilarious"....and I can't help but agree that somehow the rantings and the imagination can be called such.  So here's another hilarious and amusing attempt at making a Southernbelle faux magazine. Each doll is way more expensive than you think and each one comes with hard-earned saved money to serve the purpose. Each one is a reward. Cheesy it seems to write this way. But it's the truth. And for as long as this blog speaks my truth, it can be hilarious and crazy as it can be.

I've worked in the publishing business for 5 years and there with a creative job. Because of which, I've been made aware of the principles of layout. Hopefully, I am able to apply them here:  blurbs on the cover of a magazine and the posing of the model on the cover  and the number one rule: the cover must be worked out to be a grabber. The biggest blurb should capture the eye of the consumer to lead to a purchase. Eyes facing out, colors kept to a minimum. This is what guides me in making these little GWTW imagined magazines.  While some blurbs here were patterned after a Vogue cover: that where Donald Trump gets a new bride, most of them are patterned after situations and some research on the 1800's world -- only seen thru the eyes of a modern magazine.

Thank you to all who have placed their generous comments and opinions in the blog. Truly each one is appreciated and inspires. I hope this one will delight you too.

PS. Also tried to put an opulent ring on Scarlett's finger there. It's been blurred though. Scarlett is a little shy of its size (smile!)

Monday, May 23, 2011

Tonner Dressed up like Racehorses: A hat for a Summer stroll

Found a Barbie feathered hat that looks quite well with the outfit. The little parasol comes with the Barbie doll too.
But quite hidden, it looks like a small parasol -- to keep that buttermilk whitened skin safe from freckles = ).
Miss Scarlett's winning least from my eyes.  My peg,  Vivien Leigh's photo in Anna Karenina,
and The Doctor's Dilemma.

I've learned my lesson. The thing about being too judgmental is you end up eating your words, and learn to approach dolls with a little more humility. Tonner's "Dressed up like Racehorses" was one such example of hasty judgement passed. When first released I posted my judgement "nobody's racing"...which was somehow true. I think because Franklin Mint had its version of this dress, the collectors were expecting a little more newness in the Tonner GWTW line. It took months before I decided to yield to this one. What I once thought was plain and appearing only a few seconds on screen to merit a must-by-for-Scarlett actually turned out to be an elegant walking dress reminiscent of an sophisticated Godey's fashion spread. Faille silk is unlike Bengaline (the real material after which the Plunkett dress was made). It is softer and has a textured sheen that makes it almost befitting of a Wedding gown. The leaf detail on the pagoda sleeves (see what you learn from reading Civil war dresses) has been deemed of lesser value than its Franklin Mint counterpart. However, It makes the sleeves lighter and less bulky. There is also a generous train at the back which when folded for a photograph makes it fall and drape similarly to elegant ladies in Victorian portraits. The original hat with its veil is my only gripe as it is not in scale with its detail and its (what do you call it?) jewelry attachment which seem like melted candles. Nevertheless, it makes Scarlett every inch the shopping material girl she is when worn and photographed.  The doll here is the Blue Portrait Tonner doll, repainted (thank God for the new brushes and the patience for this). Hope you all like it. I know its late in the game, but I hope this racehorse made it to the finish line!

Monday, May 16, 2011

One Doll, Two Looks: Tonner Carol Barrie

Tonner's Carol Barrie doll allows the owner imaginative play with a simple change of crowning glory: a change of wig. This proves one thing, a change of hairstyle effects a change of mood and tone for the doll. This is something that perhaps the frugal doll buyer can enjoy. Imagine the shelf space saved -- not to mention the money. I chose a basic Carol Barrie blonde haired doll to switch hairstyle to become an Austen heroine. It's an interesting possibility that doll manufacturers should look into.

I first started with the Austen heroine, then shifted brows, eye color. If Carol Barrie is supposedly the actress she is designed to be by Tonner, this wig thing might just work. One more suggestion for doll manufacturers: "mix and match" -- loads of it! Mattel's Barbie is such a worldwide sensation because of this affordable possibilities. It should be the standard for others -- especially if they promise: The Power of Play.

Will I recommend the Carol Barrie doll to others? Yes!
The wig holds with two velcros attached the head.
The wigs are fabulous and the mold of the doll's face is a classic.
They come as a basic doll and wig (Tonner also sells wigs outside of this line from long blondes, redheads, and cropped blondes and brunettes). It's a good buy -- by one, have two!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Mrs. Hamilton arrives!

Image from

Tonner's latest Gone with the Wind Scarlett is the scandalous Mrs. Charles Hamilton. The description:

SCARLETT™ tries to stifle her elation at having brought in a royal sum of money from CAPTAIN BUTLER for a dance at the 
bazaar. The recent widow glides across the floor in a voluminous black mourning gown, ample petticoat, pantyhose, faux-leather pumps, short gloves, and veiled hat. 
Vivien Leigh/Scarlett O'Hara™ Head Sculpt and 16" Tyler BW Body; Green Eyes

w/ Brunette Hair and Bloom Skin tone

What attracts the GWTW doll collector here is the mention of a Vivien Leigh/Scarlett O'Hara Head sculpt.
From the press release photos, the doll seems to have a different sculpt and there have been speculations whether it's a new mold, a current mold with a new face paint style. Today, actual photos of the doll have been released in ebay and my personal verdict: Old mold, new face paint style.
Images from ebay seller misspittypat2, selling the doll at $199.00

The lip paint seems is thicker on the upper lip and it seems a thicker eyelid eyeliner was used to create thicker lashes -- it also creates a better Vivien Leigh-ish look to the eye. My opinion is it looks closer to the features of the actress. 

There are also two large curls that frame the top of the head -- unlike the PR photos which have them in loose curls. The back of the head is braided and is tied (seemingly) tight on the head. Here's another photo comparing the new Vivien Leigh face paint with the old Tonner Scarlett face paint. 
Now there are collectors who wish to have just the doll or just the outfit. For that I would recommend Dale Ohl from She does arrange for just the outfit, or just the doll. A very pleasant and warm seller too who has helped me in most of my Scarlett purchases.  

If you were to ask me, if I'm getting the item...the answer is, perhaps just the outfit. There are many possibilities for that dress -- to redress another doll. = ) Although I must admit that new Scarlett face paint is mighty tempting too. At this point in time, I'm putting a leash on over-purchasing. = ) Sometimes I wonder where these doll collectors get their budget.