Thursday, April 7, 2011

Tonner Scarlett: Don't Look Back Portrait Re-repaint

When one loses a doll thru shipping, one exercises patience. When one loses another, one exercises great fortitude of spirit. It really pains me to know that such accidents happen. That opera gown for which I had been preparing this doll to wear seems to have gone to some other recipient -- as I was told by my courier. Address was right. Recipient wrong. I have no idea what went wrong as the sender has not replied yet to my email. Perhaps this is the reason why I chose to bring out this doll again and see parts that needed re-repainting. The Tonner name for this Scarlett is "Don't Look Back". How can I not? Each doll in my currency is 45 to 1 dollar. That's hard-earned money for me -- really and truly. I have thought of selling some of my repainted practice dolls but who would actually buy from the Philippines. With the cost of shipping, with the probability that state-of-the-art tracking and postal services can go wrong?
And so, I find myself channelling my energies to more productive efforts such as repainting a repainted doll. Actually, this one has just been retouched in the brows, the lips, the blushing and extensively on the hairline -- to lower the harsh heart-shape cut of hair rooting.
I also experimented in photo editing so you will see some of the photos in black and white and some in sepia tones. I think these create a different mood for the doll -- at least from my eyes.
If you backread thru the blog you will see this same doll with no seamless hairline.  Heretofore, is the doll. And as for its title "Don't Look Back", I guess in instances such as these, the mode is just "not to look back." = (  Goodnight everyone = ) Tomorrow is another day!

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