Thursday, April 28, 2011

Lost and Found: Tonner Scarlett O' Hara Blue Portrait

Ordered last December...found before Easter Sunday. Timely. Just when I had accepted the fate of this doll, I get a surprise email from my courier in New York who said it had been found! I think this is very late in the game. There are valid reviews about it. I agree with all but allow me to add a few. As one member in the Franklin Mint Doll Yahoo Group said:  "Franklin Mint is missing a moneymaker here". In Ebay alone, where the FM blue portrait ensemble can still be seen (albeit rarely), it sells for about $300 dollars. That's enough to get you a good sofa for the living room! But since its manufacture, FM has ceased developing more of this. Enter Tonner. Tonner's Blue Portrait version misses the splendour of what this gown could be. It is so stiff with its hard tulle sewn inside the gown that the doll can do without a stand. Thus, the draping that could have captured light and shadow is gone. Second, the material. Unlike the FM version, the velvet seems to have been dyed and dyed with a lackluster finish. The FM version has a good reflect and offers good draping on the doll -- even on a Tonner Scarlett.  But nevertheless, you may be asking why I ordered it? Why go through all the trouble of paying, losing, being frustrated and losing all the thrill because of its absence?
The answer is simple -- it is I believe one of the powerful dresses that Scarlett is seen wearing in the film -- and seen in just seconds! The actress is never seen wearing it in action, it is seen in Rhett Butler's bedroom, and  which he throws a glass of alcohol at -- poor painting! And yet it is one of the most desired by GWTW doll collectors. Despite the miss, it remains an ensemble any GWTW doll collector must have.

The doll here has had a haircut, leaving the length of the curls at the back and the first two on both sides cut in a descending manner -- just so they would touch the shoulders. The hairline has been painstakingly repainted to make her more realistic too and to frame the face better. More photos up soon!
If you look closely, you'll see that the doll was made to have a wedding ring.
Scarlett would have preferred a diamond to go with it, I think.

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