Monday, March 21, 2011

Tonner Melanie Repainted: The French Lieutenant's Woman


  1. When I looked at your first photos of that "Renaissance Melanie" the other day, I immediately thought about Meryl Streep in the "French Lieutenant's woman" !!!! I see you had the same idea ! Was it deliberate from the beginning of your repainting ? The staging and photo are wonderful !!!

  2. Thank you AuntLou!!

    Thank you too Eric! The French Lieutenant's Woman idea came as I was unbraiding the hair. It loosened up to be wild and wavy as that of Meryl's in the movie. Of course you know I love Meryl Streep and the image of her as that character was embedded well in my memory. While I really wanted a Renaissance look, I also thought of Meryl and doing this photograph. I wanted it to be as enchanting and mysterious as the character. I also believe we think alike in many ways. = ) Thanks for dropping a line Eric! Talk to you soon!