Sunday, February 6, 2011

Christmas in February: Franklin Mint Christmas with Ashley

Splendid is probably the right word to describe this doll. When Franklin Mint announced a sale of their Scarlett, once again, one could not resist temptation that this doll was now made a little more affordable than its price at first release. Dave of made a very comprehensive review of this doll. So I would suggest that you refer to his blog on those details as they are very well written and documented. Therein, he took photographs of the intricate hairstyle of this doll. Again, it is hard to imagine how such hairstyle could be done on a thickly-stranded hair and a wig even. My only gripe: the Christmas detail on the hair is stuck to the head thus removing possibilities of its redressing. Then again, should it be redressed when it is perfect as it is. Much has been said about the print detail paint, described as "sticky". After a while though it doesn't stick much -- or perhaps it is the temperature here in my country.

Close-up of the cameo and the lace collar
I took photos of its details and I hope you will appreciate again the painstaking and amazing attention to detail that went into this doll. This is the equity of Franklin Mint -- "down to the last detail".
Earring close-up

Close up of the print detail on the dress
Close-up of face. Many have critiqued the eye paint which makes the doll have a "glaring" look.
I am not actually much bothered by it as it is consistent with the paint style. However, since it is a concern, I tried doing a little photoshop to see how far it can go. This next photo is a photoshopped version of the doll's eyes, albeit with effects it somehow gives you how it could have looked with an extra dark green painted on them. 
Fixed eyes
"She is the girl in the shadows, the woman who forfeits opportunities of new love with her obsession for a man whose heart that doesn't truly belong to her. And while she bids her beloved and his wife goodnight, she clings to the curtains, half in the light, half in the shadows. She watches him move up the staircase with his wife. It need not be said. As their door closes on her, a night of  ardent passion follows. For to whom does a soldier  give that but to the woman he longs for and leaves behind to face war. And for whom does his commitment lie but to her who he may not see again -- his wife.  And she? She waits for the next morning to have that chance to see him again. This is her addiction. This is the delusion that feeds her fire. And it feeds her too with the harshest truth that the next morning may be her last glimpse of the man she believes she loves.  Any trickle of affection from him would be enough to keep her going for even a lifetime of waiting. When the sun rises, before he leaves for war again, she would wait for him to rise from his wife's bedside, just like a dog waiting at the meal table for any morsel of food. Even a morsel would suffice." 

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  1. This is one of my favorite dolls. I adore the gown on the Christmas morning one (in the film too) but the face and hair are better on this Christmas Eve one. And the details of the gown and jewelry are truly stunning. I’d never even dare redress her, she’s so perfect ! <3