Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Tonner Hal Jordan and Tonner Antoinette: "The Messenger" Portrait

Faux Romance Novel cover featuring Tonner Hal Jordan and Tonner Antoinette.
Both are repaints. Hal Jordan body has been blushed. Tonner Antoinette hairline has been repainted to create a seamless look. On Tonner Antoinette: Franklin Mint's Josephine underpinnings. 

Friday, January 14, 2011

My Tonner Scarlett Vivien Leigh "WISH SCULPT"

This is a "wish sculpt" an imagined sculpt if Tonner were to create a Vivien Leigh sculpt to replace the Tonner Scarlett sculpt they currently have. Slender face. plump upper lip, higher arch, green-eyed, and a hairstyle that's close to the Portrait Scarlett they currently have. Via photoshop, here are the before and after photos.

BEFORE (Current Tonner Scarlett Sculpt)
 The "wish sculpt"
 Retouched via photoshop

Tonner Scarlett: Receiving guests with Melanie portrait

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Tonner Antoinette & Tonner Hal Jordan: A Romance Novel Portrait

Tonner Green Lantern Hal Jordan meets Tonner Antoinette.
Both are repaints and I think they are both beautiful sculpts that allow great possibilities
in creative photography. I think they look good together. 

Friday, January 7, 2011

2011 Tonner Scarlett: The Atlanta Bazaar's Mrs. Charles Hamilton

Plunkett mourning image from scarlettonline.com

As the magnetic pole of the earth shifts, as the weather changes, and as new things are ushered in 2011, our little world in Gone with the Wind fanlandia shifts too. Tonner has released a preview of the 2011 Gone with the Wind Scarlett with the rebellious, non-conformist Atlanta Bazaar black gown. Scarlett's faux mourning. The description in the Tonner site says:

Mrs. Charles Hamilton
SCARLETT™ tries to stifle her elation at having brought in a royal sum of money from CAPTAIN BUTLER for a dance at the
bazaar. The recent widow glides across the floor in a voluminous black mourning gown, ample petticoat, pantyhose, faux-leather pumps, short gloves, and veiled hat.
Vivien Leigh/Scarlett O'Hara™ Head Sculpt and 16" Tyler BW Body; Green Eyes
w/ Brunette Hair and Bloom Skin tone.
This seems to be different head sculpt vs. its former "authorized likeness of the actress" (which impresses on us that the former sculpt captures a likeness, or a similarity -- but not an accurate rendition of Vivien Leigh). In fact, this seems to be the first time Tonner mentions "Vivien Leigh/Scarlett O'Hara sculpt" which implies it is a new head sculpt (or perhaps a new way of repainting the doll. Gone are the heavy under eyelining, lashes softer, Vivien brow arch lifting higher and sharply moving downwards versus current, a plum upper lip that seems to lessen the smile. Well whether or not it is a new sculpt or a new factory paint style, the doll looks much better than the rest of the Tonner Scarlett's released in the previous years. If it is a new sculpt then it appears slender (unlike the current's sculpt which a friend said made the doll look like Sookie Stackhouse of "True Blood), perhaps the jawline is made slender by the hat ribbon. 

Again the pricing is incredibly high. But such is inflation and the cost of labor that inevitably rises as years pass by. By what rule of thumb is a  doll sold as an "outfit only" or as a "dressed doll" is something that perplexes me. In my opinion we could all save a lot if the outfit were sold separately and if the hairstyle matters, why not just sell the head that pops in easily. They sell wigs don't they? That could also be a solution. 

But I am no manufacturer and the mysteries behind these things remain unanswered.  

A sad note: Franklin Mint Gone with the Wind is rumored to be going with the wind and closing with its Final Farewell Scarlett. A dramatic exit it is. So hold on to your FM Scarletts as they will probably rise in value as years go by. 
Scarlett O' Hara Final Farewell Vinyl Portrait Doll 
from franklinmint.com
For a detailed review of this dress, please check out Dave's blog where he has an amazing collection, creative reviews and exclusive photographs of this doll and more at http://missgenemarshall.blogspot.com/

Will I get this new one? Why not? It is my only hobby. But I'd like to see the doll first from the richer ones who can afford it. If its worth the purchase, I'd probably have to save for it. Black is elegant, the veil is a cute touch...I could also get this done by Alana Bennett with a softer skirt (http://dollfashionsbyalana.com/)
Image of Beau Monde Mourning Gown 
from ebay seller: Sugarplanet; could be purchased at a reasonable price of $29.99.

I'm a believer in proper draping and one that is in scale with the rest of the doll. FM did a great black mourning dress with the Paris Hat ensemble: draping, pleating and little buttons on the front are wonderfully created so with the green Paris hat 
that Rhett gives as a gift to Scarlett.  
Image from Franklinmint.com

Image from Ebay seller: anoris1f16 selling for $110.00

Of course I couldn't help fix the photo of the close up of Tonner's new doll: smaller curls on the forehead (in scale rule), added more green to the eyes, fixed the brows, and created the shadows -- my personal take on how I'd just love to repaint a nice Scarlett sculpt!
The current photo in the Tonner site
After photoshop
Will I dance the Atlanta Bazaar?
I'll think about that tomorrow.