Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Scarlett break: Tonner Galadriel Repaint

Cate Blanchett is a favorite of mine. Lord of the Rings is likewise a favorite piece of literature and one of my all-time re-watched movies. So, how could I deny the opportunity to re-create Galadriel with Cate Blanchett's face on it -- I hope I did it. For this I had to study her features in her SKII print ads. The thing is in those print ads and even as Galadriel, Cate hardly wears makeup. In Elizabeth  and in the Golden Age, she doesn't even have much of brows. But what she has are those soulful eyes, peach ivory skin, and beautiful cheekbones (as a signature: that nose). Very Streep-ian I should say. So, I had to stop myself from adding too much or lose that out of this world look. Cate's talent can be likened to Streep too. Both have their background in theatre, can master accents and have chosen fields of work that challenge their craft. More importantly, both are grounded, much grounded than their heavenly personas which talent creates.
One's hype should not be greater than ones talent I should say. And Cate has it. When she played Kate Hepburn, one critic even said: My God it's Kate!  I couldn't deny Galadriel as part of a collection.
Here she is rising from the light, the lady Galadriel. Hope you all enjoy her portrait. It was a welcome break from Scarlett -- who will make another entrance again in Blue and Black. = )