Saturday, October 16, 2010

Tonner Receiving Guests with Melanie: "Dramatic Entrance" Portrait

Among the many stunning gowns designed by Walter Plunkett and one of the more memorable ones -- in my opinion -- is  the red velvet gown worn by Scarlett to Ashley's birthday party. Don't think she enjoyed wearing it. Jealous husband Rhett forces her to make her dramatic entrance unescorted, with more rouge than usual, in the gown of his choice. "Dressed for the part" (Was it the part of the Mistress he meant?), Rhett throws her a floor-length velvet red gown embellished with red ruby-like shimmering stones and feathers. She wears red gloves a gold bracelet and red tulle for her shawl. I personally think it's over-the-top for post Civil War gown nevertheless, it is a show-stopper.