Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Tonner Scarletts 2010: A Challenge in Reinterpretation

I haven't slept a wink because of a much-needed overtime editing a presentation for a client. Checking my mails was not much help upon seeing the latest with the   Tonner GWTW line. Fall of 2010 will see 3 new Scarletts being offered. But are they really new to our eyes?
The Scarlett Portrait Gown which is never worn in GWTW but captures our attention by its sheer glamor, is made of velvet and comes with earrings and pearl hair decor. For the GWTW Scarlett collector this is a good buy if one has lost chance (and hope) in getting the very elusive Franklin Mint version. What makes it different?

What makes it different? The hairstyle which is very much faithful to the Vivien Leigh portrait: 
ringlets surround the base of the head

Since I cannot judge the Tonner version by its press release photos (Tonner has known to change color and material sometimes in the actual for sale version), I might as well talk about the great values of the Franklin Mint version of the Portrait gown. For one, the velvet is soft and drapes beautifully. It really feels like the draping was in scale. It fits the Tonner Scarlett quite well albeit tight on the top area, it can do. FM's shawl is a fantastic capture of the actual painting. It is quite fragile too. Don't even try to tug. Tonner's version of the shawl is not too bad either. You still have those circular patterns very much like the portrait.
The Tonner Scarlett (repainted) wears the FM portait version. 

My gut feel about the Tonner Portait is that its cut may be impeccable. This I can somehow conclude from Tonner purchases. From the photos the pearls of the Tonner version are unlike FM's which look like miniature pearls. They seem to be like white beads -- minor detail that can be set aside -- but which FM didn't. Tonner's version seems to have puffed sleeves. FM's version has stuffing to create the puff. Still something you can set aside.  

One big difference is price. The elusiveness of FM's version fo the Portrait dress has raised its price (probably by virtue of its very limited quantities available). In ebay alone, this dress, if you can have the determination to outbid can rise to almost $200+!!! And that's just for the dress. 

Surprisingly, Tonner has this released at a much lower price than usual -  $199. You get the dressed doll with ringlets, accessories and a not really bad version of the Scarlett Portrait gown. 

Hold your horses! At around this time, Franklin Mint may be releasing new versions of their Scarlett. They're way ahead when it comes to the collection, so they could suprise you anytime with something you least expected. 

Katie Scarlett is Tonners 22" version of their "Waiting for Pa". Why it came in late, I do not know. This is an overtly done interpretation. While doll clothes drape beautifully on a larger scale, I am too scared to get a 22" Scarlett because of two reasons: Size and Price. At $349 you might as well forget getting an iPhone G4! That's a very hefty price to pay. But from its PR photo, the doll looks beautiful and somehow looks more like the actress than their 16" version. The hairstyle is in synch too. 

Tonner's 22 "Katie Scarlett" is a portrait to behold when it comes to draping, hairstyle...and somehow the sculpt. 
The waistline is truly Scarlett in proportion. 

The 16" version is equally beautiful but with one minor detail that Tonner overlooked (and which FM didn't) -- the brooch is not similar to the one in the film. Is this a negligible detail? You be the judge.
Too small to see but the brooch on this is not quite what Tonner did.

Tonner earlier released "Waiting for Pa" a miniature version of their 22" 2010 Fall release.
Doll here has been repainted. 

One doll seems to be a Meryl Streep look-alike -- Tonner's Anne Harper line featuring a blondie called, Carol Barrie. This line has  an exquisite sculpt and might as well be, in my opinion, their Scarlett sculpt.

A very appropriate nose for a Scarlett. Why didn't they? 

Tonner's Carol Barrie from their Anne Harper 2010 Line. 
Meryl Streep in "She Devil"

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