Monday, August 30, 2010

Never judge a doll by its PR photos: Tonner "What's my lamb gonna wear?" Scarlett O' Hara

Sometimes, a friend tips you on a good buy and often, it turns out to be a pleasant surprise too! When a friend tipped me on Tonner's "What's my lamb gonna wear?" outfit only in eBay, I immediately tipped my courier about bidding for it for me. And luckily, I got it!

What was originally getting a lot of criticism (me included) for the color and amount of prints on the iconic Barbeque dress (from initial PR photos), turned out to be a beautiful sight to behold. Well, perhaps Tonner listened  too as the entire members of the Scarlett Yahoo group were writing Tonner about the color of the prints.

The dress is made of gauze-like chiffon. It's very thin. A strong tug and you could probably tear it apart. The prints are darker in color -- unlike what we see in the PR photos. The base color of that dress is cream and somehow there is a "green" reflect on the entire dress which then debunks the idea that the base is all white. The entire dress is put atop a thin cream satin -- perhaps this is the "cream" that diffuses the white.

There is a generous amount of cloth here for the skirt. Twirl the doll and the entire dress sways very much like how Vivien would sway her skirt when defying Mammy's admonitions to eat before the party.

The entire ensemble is comprised of gloves and a hat with a ready-ribbon and a clip to hold it in place. Quite tight too on the head. Deep-green pumps, a pantyhose and jewelry (similar to the real thing, save for earrings which look like chili  LOL).

So here are portraits of the doll. This one is a repaint of the Drapery doll. The curls came undone and I just left the length, the hair is softer here.  And if you would ask me, yes, there is a great lesson here: never judge a doll by its PR photos. What's my lamb gonna wear turned out to be somehow spectacular -- at least for me = )

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