Saturday, June 5, 2010

Thoughts this June

The first rains of the year have finally arrived. A silent sigh is felt all over the city. At 38 degrees of heat that prevailed the last 3 months who can blame the want for rain. The world is not becoming a safe place.

I have also transferred jobs. From Advertising I've moved into putting a little events planning agency with a friend. It's a new thing. It's also convenient and challenging. None of the politics that comes with being employed in a multinational. I'm finally at peace with that part of my life and now it's just about moving on.

What has this got to do with Scarlett? LOL. Nothing. Only perhaps the word "honeymoon" comes to mind -- parallel to my "honeymoon stage" with my new job.

The collectible world has been silent when it comes to Scarlett. Not much additions. Not too many new creations. Although The  Tonner's Racehorses outfit as it seems an elegant addition to the collection. Just thinking. Then there's the iconic Twelve Oaks gown too.  I'm still waiting for some pictures from other collectors about these dresses. Till then, Scarlett has to learn the value of being content. I couldn't help myself tweaking the existing photos of both. So which do you think should be first purchase?