Monday, May 3, 2010

Tonner My Mother's Portieres -- A Woman's Courage Portrait

This is perhaps -- and still in my opinion -- the most perfect cut done of the Walter Plunkett's iconic drapery dress.  I had waited for good price for this. The original price was around $200 plus -- almost the price to pay for the taxes on Tara. And no wait in vain it was. Changes? I trimmed the tassels on the curtain cords, trimmed the tassles on the hat, curbed those feathers with band (hidden) and exchanged the  earbobs with Mattel's Drapery doll earbobs. This doll is a repaint of Tonner's  "Return to Tara".  I yet have to find the time to do more repainting (moving jobs) and my eyesight has not been too good.