Monday, April 26, 2010

More Pink: Tonner Scarlett wears FM Raintree County

"In the great tradition of Civil War Romance" -- is the supposedly tagline to Raintree County. Herein, the young  and beautiful Elizabeth Taylor plays a Southern Belle, Susannah Drake. The 1957 film that also stars Montgomery Clift and Eva Marie Saint was, in my opinion, no Gone with the Wind. But heck! GWTW started the Civil War Romance in ways that no other civil war romance could probably achieve after it.  And of course, there is the iconic Scarlett O' Hara.

This gown is one of the dresses worn by Susannah in the film. It has a pale pink bodice adorned with lacey type of collar (also on the sleeves). If the mood and tone of this gown is familiar it is only because it too was designed by Walter Plunkett -- who made those iconic dresses from GWTW.
 (image from

(image from
Here we can see a full look of the dress. It should come with a hat and parasol, but when I purchased this I think Franklin Mint only made the dress. It is a rare find too. There was one ebayseller who was selling this for $250 -- thereabouts. What a crime right?  Fortunately, I found one that sold it for a more reasonable amount. 
Photographed: April 22, 2010

Sunday, April 4, 2010

"Tomorrow is another Day"

Easter is always about rising from the darkness, very much like coming out of the mist.  Appropriately, Scarlett O' Hara comes to mind in her last scene where the "misty" backdrop contrasts with the "enlightenment" she finds about her one true love.  The little girl finally grows up. Too late. No, she refuses defeat, chooses to think about it when the wave of emotions are gone. And soon too what is gone can be found, can be secured with a renewed spirit. Happy Easter to one and all! May we all find the spirit to find what is lost, what has left us, what is our source of strength because like Scarlett, as long as we live -- "tomorrow is another day!"

Friday, April 2, 2010

Easter Portraits: 3 Tonner Scarletts

Happy Easter!!

I still haven't decided. "Racehorses", What's my lamb gonna wear?" or the "Drapery"? 
Meantime, I broke the lull of the holy days by photographing my favorite Scarlett doll by Tonner, UFDC Convention doll "Return to Tara"
Happy Easter everyone! And if you have the chance and time, 
let me know which is the next Scarlett to have -- if ever.