Saturday, January 23, 2010

Mattel's Timeless Treasures Vivien Leigh as Scarlett: On Peachtree Street.

"Second in a series featuring Scarlett, as portrayed by Vivien Leigh in the epic film, Gone With the Wind. Scarlett looks stunning in an authentic re-creation of this famous green velvet gown taken from the velvet curtains in Scarlett's home. The gown is a dark green velvet and light green velveteen, with a fitted bodice and full skirt. A green and golden cord with tassels is wrapped around the waist. To complete the ensemble, Scarlett wears a green hat with black feathers and carries a dark green purse. Golden drop earrings with green rhinestones add the finishing touches." (

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It is inevitable to go through Scarlett Fever without mentioning the second phase of Mattel's venture into this unforgettable film . When this was first released, I was unaware of the existence of Franklin Mint's Scarlett. Wanting desperately a doll manufacturer to finally make a Vivien Leigh Scarlett (Mattel's first release was it's Barbie as Scarlett), my dream finally came true one night, during overtime in the office. I first saw the Barbeque at Twelve Oaks and was immediately besotted. Thanks to Margo Rana who helped me get the first Scarlett which in my opinion resembled Vivien Leigh.  Never mind that she shared the same sculpt as Mattel's Elizabeth Taylor. Mattel captured the look! 

Screencap from Screencap

Once one has seen or experienced the draping joys  on a larger sized doll, a 11 1/2 inch doll would lose its appeal (unless of course, the draping is in scale ). My opinion again. However, the cut of the drapery dress on this doll seems to still capture  intention of Plunkett. Colors seem to be right, Green velvet all over, of course those tassels on her hat seem too long and the hat more of a cap; feathers -- I think no one ever got that right and on an 11 1/2 scale how else can one find feathers on a rooster's proportionate to the size of a doll?  The eyes of this doll are very emotive of an adult Scarlett whose war-torn spirit is set out to get her $300 money to pay taxes on her beloved Tara.  Curls go all the way to the back. Lips are of red rose -- for how else does one seduce a playboy millionaire but with that. Mattel's Barbeque at Twelve Oaks Vivien Leigh as Scarlett has a lighter lip paint and looks younger like the 16 year old girl that she was supposed to be in the film. 

"I want $300 dollars to pay the taxes on Tara...I can't let it go, while I have breath in my body!"

Those are real dangling details similar to the film.    The tassels on the cord belt are also in scale.

And there is amazing detail on the accessories. The rooster's feet (which I felt was rather scary) on the cap

Those earrings have dangling chairs similar to the ones in the film. Now, if Mattel was able to do that on their 11 1/2 doll, why couldn't it be done on a larger doll (presumptuous as I haven't seen Tonner's drapery versions). But still it is amazing that such minute details were done. The only thing about this doll -- for me -- was the dress was sewn all the way -- no snaps, no buttons. You can't take it off. To redress the doll would mean to remove the head and put it on another Mattel body. No articulation too save for the ones Barbie has. 

So, is it worth getting. Why not? If you're a serious Scarlett collector. 

Hats off to Mattel on this.  Truly a "timeless treasure".

Pardon the photos, as the doll has been kept well in box and  haven't had the time to iron the dress out. The Tropical weather has not been too kind. 
Thank you to my sister who lent me her camera for these close ups.  


  1. That closeup of her face is excellent has me considering...

  2. Wow, those closeups are amazing! She really does look like Vivian Leigh! I love her! Too bad about the dress not being removable. Thank you so much!

  3. Hi Dave,
    The dynamics of a 11.5" doll are much different from the 16". I think Mattel did great on this scale -- My biggest wish is for them to enter articulation extensively.

    You can take off the head and transfer to an Integrity doll. I've seen some pics in flickr -- search for it, they're pretty interesting possibilities.

  4. I am a collector of all things Vivien Leigh, and especially dolls. I like the Franklin Mint ones the best, but I have both this one and the BBQ dress one, and they truly have the best facial likeness of all the dolls out there of Vivien.
    It is not the same mold of the Elizabeth Taylor ones. I have those too. Again, a VERY accurate likeness, especially in so small a doll! The noses and mouth and eyes are different.
    These two beautiful women, in my opinion the most beautiful of all, are captured perfectly by Mattel! I wish they had done more of the ensembles for Scarlett. They did the red dress and the black and white honeymoon in New Orleans gown for the Barbie as Scarlett... but that's not the same!
    Thank you for posting great pics of this amazing little doll!

  5. Hello Rebecca!
    Thank you for posting this. I too agree that this is by far the best likeness of Vivien Leigh -- on the mold. Even the jewelry and the print of their clothes are more accurate to GWTW. My only gripe was that they did not continue this line extensively, when there were many nice costumes. Thank you for passing by and leaving a comment. Hope you enjoy the rest of the blog! = )