Thursday, December 10, 2009

Looking Back: Repainted Tonner "Don't Look Back"

Remembering the old happy days as a Southern belle

Looking back, in a previous post, I said I would try not to look back (consider purchasing) Tonner's "Don't Look Back". Reason being, I didn't find it really too much of an authentic Civil War Costume. Well, here I am eating my words. And Dave (of Daveland did challenge me if I could live up to my decision). I didn't Dave! That's what happens when you see lots of photos of this doll and how beautiful the outfit seems to "really" be on it.  Beyond that I hesitated because of the price. What the heck! Money comes back but the immense joy of holding, posing, photographing and repainting a doll like Scarlett is priceless! Sounds like the MasterCard ad, right? Well whoever made that ad surely got it right.

The doll has been repainted and I think this is one which I really pressured myself by getting the first stroke right. I hope I did. I haven't shaded the doll yet. There are times when you just have to stop. What I like about her? The dress drapes beautifully. I love beautifully draped dresses on dolls as they make the dress look more in proportion. The hat which was a big issue by one post in Prego (vis-a-vis the Franklin Mint version) was actually negligible (unless of course, you've actually seen the Mint version which I conclude from photos of it to be more in synch with the film).

Portrait of a lady

The doll's hair has long curls at the back which I managed to set aside to be more faithful to the scene. Although shown briefly, the scene doesn't do justice. And eating my words further, I must say: It is a must buy for any GWTW doll fan to have this.  Perhaps like Ashley, how could I not be smitten by Tonner Scarlett's charm in this ensemble.

"That woman doesn't exist anymore." 

This is the last, I hope post of Tonner Scarletts for this year (unless the price of the drapery dress of Tonner goes down on sale). Well, here she is, me eating my words, and finally feasting on another: the joy of looking back...and now looking forward to 2010 for another joyful GWTW doll collecting. I hope Tonner or Franklin Mint will be more gentle with their pricing -- that among others is part of my simple Christmas wish list.

How can one resist not looking back?


  1. These photos are breathtaking; if I didn't have it already, I would have to buy it after seeing these!

  2. Thank you very much Dave. It was your post that made me rethink and finally looked back at Don't Look Back. = ) I'm glad you liked the photos. I had fun taking her pictures. The possibilities were immense.

  3. hi there love your blog!! hope this helps you

  4. Thank you Jen! Sorry for the late reply. The one-of-a-kind dresses are wonderful! I wonder who sews them. Thank you for sharing this link. I bookmarked it! = )