Thursday, September 17, 2009

Tonner Scarlett: Vivien Leigh OOAK repaint in Ashton Drake's Creme Cassis

A beautiful purple dress with an overlay of black lace by Ashton-Drake for Gene. And Tonner Scarlett seems to just love it!


  1. I just got Creme de Cassis the other day; what a cool outfit! I've also started a blog on Gene:

  2. Hi Dave!
    Yes, I think that Gene has some of the coolest outfits ever made: cut, concept and material wise. It is sad that she is slowly fading out next year (I posted a link in your blog about it). Thus, she becomes a collectible. I am thinking of securing the 12" Gene. But still do not know if they will continue that and I wanted a brunette Gene. Right now the Green Eyes and Olympia Gene are my faves. There is also one other dress of Gene close to Creme Cassis -- Filigree. Check that out too. I hope to see your collection too Dave and have you tried repainting as well as you do briliant paintings?