Friday, April 10, 2009

Tonner Scarlett: "Out of the Box" Shoot

NRFB, in my opinion, is like a child not being allowed to play. Tonner's tagline: The Power of Play is not all about that. This can be easily seen in the features of its dolls: the articulation, the hard vinyl, the recent release of the Antoinette blank face canvas; seems like Tonner realizes that part of the play is the art or craft of recreating or reinventing the doll to be your own.
The priceless value of hours of play is nothing compared to just looking at a doll behind a transparent box. And I personally think that life is all about that too. You can't live life with the untouchable or with too much of strict rules. It's all about balance. It's all about going out of where you are, what you do and exploring something enriching and new. What did I learn today? What did I give to this day? These are questions of life that is lived. It also means giving everything the benefit of the doubt -- thinking "out of the box" is allowing your mind to expand and experience new things whether big or small. There are little treasures found in the minutes of the day. Slow down and see what great things there are to be discovered. Each day no matter the routine will offer something new.

"Out of the Box" is improvisation. And this means doing a photoshoot with my Tonner practice doll themed after that concept (this will have to be her last repaint unless I subject her to more torture under the acetone). Thus, the box in the background. Thus, gone are the "Gone with the Wind" flouncy dresses and ribbons. Inspired by Katherine Hepburn's trousers LOL -- of course pinned at the back.

Have a Happy Easter everyone! Live, live again!

Scarlett wears:
Tuxedo shirt from Tonner Rhett Butler 2008
Dark pants from Tonner Rhett Butler 2008
Brown trousers from Tonner Lord Asriel 2008
Multi-layered tulle gown from Alana Benett ooak "Jezebel" white gown
Corset by Tonner from its GWTW line
Lace-up boots from Tonner Scarlett 2008 line

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