Monday, March 9, 2009

Re-doing Tonner's Scarlett O' Hara: What factory paint can do

Existing Factory Paint on Tonner's Scarlett 
With changes on factory paint (and hairstyle, thinner nose) via photoshop

Much has been said about how it has been painted (pertaining factory paint): Caricaturish, nose too big, lips too thin, widow's peak too sharp. 

I've tried an amateur hand in repainting, and this much I can say, Tonner's Scarlett can be improved "if only" the factory paint was right. So, they can't have a Noel Cruz dollface for it. Accepted. But it proves only one thing, the right paint can give you the "intended likeness" the collector is looking for. It would be too much to ask for a Noel Cruz or a Jacs or a Laurie Leigh face on a doll that numbers in thousands or hundreds. What if Tonner did it right -- just with the factory paint? 

This photo is from "Jim" in a message in Prego dolls (Thank you Jim! I hope you don't mind.) He photographed his drapery costume very well! 

I did a little photoshop on his photo "what could have been" if that happened. Manipulating only the factory paint on the eyes and lips -- and okay, the nose, here is probably what the doll could have looked like if the factory paint was better -- at least in my eyes, and in my opinion. 

What are the changes:
The Eyes
I pulled the eyes towards the tear ducts to sharpen it a bit. 
Lower portions of the eyes facing the nose have been pushed up and the eyelashes there erased leaving lashes only towards the ends of the lower part of the eyes
 to give it a much needed slant. 
Eyelashes have been extended specially at the ends of both eyes
 for an added upward slant. 
Eyelids have been extended and shortened. 
Eyebrows have been extended on the "higher arch" and lowered on the right eye. 

The Lips 
The lips have been lessened on both ends to give her a pout 
(after all, she didn't get the $300 from Rhett)
The upper lip has been given a little lift to have a heart-shaped center 
to make give her a stronger Scarlett pout. 

Link to Jim's actual photo:

Link to Prego Dolls:

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