Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Will the real Rhett Butler please stand up!

Mattel's Timeless Treasures Rhett Butler -- 
by far (in my opinion) the best likeness of the actor. 
Just a suggestion:
Me playing around with photoshop on 
what I think 2009 Tonner's Rhett Butler could've been. 
Less lines on the face,
stronger jaw, sideburns added, beefy shoulders added.

Tonner's version of their new Rhett Butler (from Tonner Site)
Unanimous Choice: The man who brought Rhett to life.

The 2009 Gone with the Wind line of Tonner seems to make one admission: That the 2008 Rhett Butler doll interpretation was a mistake. Could it be that the purchases for this did not meet the Tonner target? Even so, it seems an expensive effort to rectify what had been presented as Rhett Butler. From the images seen on the site, this Rhett looks older, lacking the machismo and "hotness" that Gable inflected in the character (and for which he was the unanimous choice). The shoulders lack substance, the stance lacks suave-ness of the gentleman scoundrel that the character displayed in the novel and on film. 

In my honest opinion, the photo could have shown more of the character (without the hat as it does arouse ones curiosity: what does he look like under that). I don't know if Scarlett would mind, but I'm sure that a lot of the GWTW doll collectors would.

*Image from the Tonner doll website

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