Monday, February 9, 2009

Mattel's Alexandra Posen doll wearing Robert Best's "In the Pink" gown

I guess it all began with Barbie. After all, she's been the most popular doll in anyone's history (or just perhaps in mine). Mattel has come up with an interesting line of collectibles -- from its celebrity line to its Silkstone series. Among those that have captured my interest are the creations of Robert Best, a young genius in doll fashion. In my opinion, his is one of the most elegant choices of color and material for Barbie. Here, we see his "In The Pink" gown. It is a voluminous evening ensemble that comes with purse, stockings, shawl and a multi-layered "very" soft tulle gown in the palest of pinks. It is embellished with Swarovski crystals in clear and pink that gives it a very rich and luxurious look. The doll is Mattel's Alexandra Posen which I have retouched to soften its snobbish features. I was able to get this doll nude in ebay from a seller named "ecamarab" (one of the kindest and most professional sellers I've encountered). I was attracted to the Posen doll but was not able to get it earlier as it came in a set with its partner Zac Posen and now is very expensive (if you google him up his doll version kinda captures his look but not faithful to his features really). Luckily it was being sold in ebay separately (nude doll only). The Alexandra Posen doll was supposed to look like his sister. When I researched what she really looked like, the doll didn't look the least like her. Nevertheless, this doll has the "model muse" body mold which follows the frame and pose of today's Supermodels. She doesn't have the "hand on hip" but straight arms, elegantly stretched with hands and fingers which add to its sophistication. I like the mold of this body as it has less of the usual Barbie frame we all know. She is rooted with  rich red hair and a pout that is reminiscent of those models in high-end fashion. Notice too the cheekbones which are very un-Barbie like.  

What I like about this doll too is that its original features (retouched lips and eyes -- argh very hard on a small doll) which was soft. I am not much of a follower of heavily made up dolls. Femininity is always best with beautiful soft make-up. 

I hope you enjoy the portraits. It's just one of the few dolls of Mattel I've kept. = ) 

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