Thursday, January 22, 2009

Scarlett O' Hara: Blue Velvet Portrait Gown

The mysterious blue portrait gown in Rhett Butler's room. 
It makes a cameo in Gone with the Wind, where Rhett throws a glass at the portrait.  

One of the gowns done by Franklin Mint, which is briefly seen in the movie - and not even worn by the actress, only in a painting in Rhett Butler's room. The blue velvet done is rich and soft. I love the way this dress drapes when photographed; also the way it reflects light. It is not made to fit the Tonner Scarlett doll but since the doll is articulated it gives life to this beautiful dress. The sleeves are filled with soft sponge-y material to give it that puffed up look. It comes with blue shoes and a pearl tiara which the doll is not wearing here. Franklin Mint also gave this ensemble a shawl which is faithful to the way the shawl looks on the painting. It is however, very, very fragile. One tug and you can destroy this little accessory. The Franklin Mint Blue Velvet gown is very rare. I was lucky to have found it securely tagged in Ebay -- and bidded for it till the wee hours of the morning. I hope you enjoy the portraits as much as I did making them. Here it is worn by my most cooperative subject, my repainted Tonner Scarlett O' Hara doll. 


  1. Stunning. The articulation does so much for these gowns, it makes me appreciate them all the more. Sometimes I start to feel guilty that I've spent so much money on my doll collection, but your photos remind me how happy they make me, and it's worth it!

  2. Great shots !
    Do you know what ?? I'm practically sure that the portrait dress is the same dress that Scarlett wears at the New-Orleans restaurant... Without the birds sewn on it... The shape is identical. Watch closely the scene and production stills and tell me what you think.

  3. Thank you Nikki! I think that's the advantage of articulated dolls, similar to action figures, the doll comes alive. I have a few action figures myself and the posing gives them more life. I like the material of this gown because it drapes beautifully -- the draping is just right on scale. Yes, just the other day I was thinking too of how much I've spent on dolls and forgotten other priorities. But the truth is it makes us happy and lots of people have far more expensive spendings on their collections. So, I just have to control myself a bit. The happiness though is immeasureable! = )

  4. Hi Eric!

    Yes, I checked it out. It seems like the same dress in the film -- only without the doves! So they did make the dress after all (not only in a painting). Who knows if that may be the next one Tonner will make -- I just wish the gown would sell separately.

  5. I love that blue gown, it's exquisite.
    Sandi - Fantasy & Fancy

  6. Where can I purchase the blue dress portrait?

  7. Hello Bearly Sane! Thanks for dropping by! Much appreciated. Yes, the blue gown is never seen worn by the actress and only in the painting. Beautiful Plunkett creation!

    Hello Pipsqueak!
    You can try Dale Ohl of She can even split it if you just like the gown and not the doll. Very friendly seller! = ) Thanks for passing by and leaving a comment.