Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Robert Tonner Gone with the Wind Scarlett O' Hara Doll : Moods by photoshop

(Latest addition to the photos. Light and shadows created thru Photoshop.)

With photoshop, one can create lots of moods and little tricks. Here are a few of my favorites. For instance in these four photos: The one where we see the doll lying down had the intention of capturing Scarlett's desolation (perhaps in having plans foiled). So, I adjusted her eyebrows a little bit to give her that mood of sadness. I also lessened the smile on her lips. The first photo (upper left) was a very blurred photo (sorry eyesight in check here). I had to use the "Sharpen More" under the Filter tool in Photoshop to create contrast. Photo has also been retouched to add more light and shadow around her. In the other black and white photo (which was rather blurry) was adjusted using the filter tools: Diffuse Glow, Paint Daubs and another tool under Image (Adjustments), called Desaturate. I also took out the line that connects the elbows to make her look...well, more human. 
With that, the doll can be anything you imagine her to be. Of course, too much photoshop can make the doll look not like she was originally. In the same way if you photoshop a person too much in his/her photo, she's not the subject anymore.  So you'll have to control yourself with that. Anyways, enjoy the photos. I will try to feature other dolls which I have (not many) soon. Have a nice week!!

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