Monday, December 29, 2008

Franklin Mint Christmas with Ashley - A beautiful Scarlett O' Hara doll for the holidays!

When Franklin Mint "silently" (meaning with a seemingly absence of Press Release and advertising) unveiled its 2008 Christmas with Ashley Scarlett, there was no denying it was a must-have. In my opinion, the material is richer than the version which Tonner did on the same dress for its Scarlett doll. The skirt is dark and reflects an elegant play of light and shadow. The doll's hair is also faithful to the film's hairstyle worn by Vivien Leigh; even embellished with a jewelry detail at the back.  The brooch of this dress is fringed with gold threads - a detail that Tonner overlooked. It was pricey but one of those costumes that Scarlett looked good in. There was no doubt that Ashley would be smitten by her charm and give her a kiss before he left for the war.  

Thanks to Fran of the Franklin Mint Scarlett Vinyl Yahoo Groups for helping me acquire this wonderful doll! 

It seems inconsistent though that Franklin Mint would do this somehow hard-to-do hairstyle for this doll and not do the same for the rest of their Scarlett dolls. I am still wishing and hoping that Franklin Mint would do articulation on their dolls. 


  1. What a great blog - I check back often for updates! Is there anyway I could have you take a photo of the haircomb on this doll? My email is:

    Many thanks! - Dave

  2. Hi Dave!
    Sorry for the super late reply. I think I replied to your post in the Yahoogroups we're both in and posted the picture of this request there. I hope you found it. = )

  3. you have such beautiful dolls... This is an amazing blog, congrats !!
    May I ask you to use the pics as basis for some drawings of mine.. ?

  4. Thank you Ana! Sure if these pictures feed your passion for drawings, let it be so. = ) Thank you again for leaving a comment. Thank you once again! Have a nice day!