Saturday, December 27, 2008

A little hobby

Dolls. My little hobby is repainting dolls - specifically, Gone With the Wind-inspired dolls. The photos you see are from my collection. Originally Tonner GWTW dolls (save for the Franklin Mint Scarlett doll in red skirt), their factory paint had been erased (with much effort) and their new faces repainted following the features of actress, Vivien Leigh. The doll outfits are re-creations of Walter Plunkett's GWTW designs: The white layered dress from the beginning of the movie, the "Mill" dress (in b/w) and the glorious red gown worn by Scarlett when she is forced to go to Ashley's birthday party. The features are painted with great attention to detail although I feel they are amateurishly done. The hairstyles (black and white photo and red gown) have been re-created too following the hairstyles done by Sydney Guilaroff (GWTW hairstylist). I am inspired by Noel Cruz doll repaints (see his at I believe he is the best in the world! 

Repainting a doll is similar to repainting action figures. Only here, one involves hairstyling. Using a brush as small as 20/0 and acrylic paint, the repainting is done with layers to achieve a fully blended and contoured look for the doll. 


  1. They are very beautiful. I collect Tonner dolls as well. Not any particular line, just any one that I like. I would love to get them all dressed up for a photo shoot. Yours look so life like. I've never repainted a doll. How easy is it? I just don't want to damage a doll to no return. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Hi Ladi d! Sorry for such a delayed reply. About repainting. I'm just an amateur LOL, if there's anything lower than that I'd be there too. I do sketch so it helps that one can control ones hand with the strokes. I suggest you get Laurie Leigh's DVDs or study Juan Albuerne's step-by-step on repainting before you start on touching your dolls. It helps to practice too on one doll first. I started by just enhancing, then took the courage to erase with a now-or-never, no turning back just go ahead attitude. Study it well first. If you have any questions you can just write away here. I'd be sooo glad to help.

  3. I collect dolls as well. Most of the repaint ones are done by Eunsun Yu. You could see her work on Ebay, by typing "repaint Yu" on the search box. I must say, yours are very good unless you have photoshop the doll. I do enjoy looking at those photos. I have been glued to your blog since yesterday, reading every single one from the latest to the end. It sounds to me you have an artistic soul & a deeper thinker as well.